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German Page Manila

 Philippines -

General Services / Info

Shopping in Manila, weather reports, Phil. daily newspapers, flight schedules, travel agencies, books, German telephone book, Expo 2000, BKA, etc.........!

General Informationen & Services

Int'l daily newspapers & Press Agencies

German speaking Church Services 

Local daily newspapers

Recommended Doctors in Manila

General Map of Manila

Recommended Hospitals in Manila

Geographical Map of the Philippines

Recommended Lawyers in Manila

General information of the Luzon area

 Local Internet Search Engines

General information of the Mindanao area

Local & Int'l Stock Exchange News

General information of the Visayas area

Asian Exchange Rates

Local Weather Forecast for the Philippines

Recommended Car Rentals

Weather Forecast for Maritime Shipping

Cinema Films & Times in Manila

Tropical Storm Warning / Philippines

Important tel. no's. you should know

Classification of Storm Warnings

Currency Converter

Celebrations in the Philippines 2000

 All Flags of the World

Professional Translation Services

 All Maps of the World

The Yellow Pages


Shopping in Metro Manila

Map of Shopping Malls in Manila

Shopping mall directory of Manila

Online Dictionary English-German/German English

Your translation aid Ger / Eng / Fre / Spa

Online Ticket Reservations & Sales for Manila

Online ticket reservations & sales for sports events, concerts, theatre plays, etc. in Manila.

The German Telephone Book (Telecom)

EXPO 2000 - World Exhibition in Hannover/Germany

Click here for Yahoo Page!

Click here for official Expo Web Site!

The extensive Guide for the World Exhibition.

The German Federal Authority for Criminal Investigations (BKA)


In the unlikely event that you come across a real, wanted, German criminal, here is the 'link' to the Federal German Authorty for Criminal Investigations (BKA)!

Flight Reservations / Connections / Flight Schedule

Actual (online) Departure & Arrival Times of Lufthansa in Manila

Local Flight Schedule of the Philippines, according to Cities (very outdated)

Online Reservations for Lufthansa

Flight Schedule of Philippine Airlines with semi-online booking possibility

Lufthansa City Office

Other local airlines


Travel Arrangements & Local Tours

Recommended local / int'l Travel Agents

Recommended local Tour Operators


Photo books, travel diaries, maps, informations

Novels, narrations, fiction

The German Club - Manila

Info / 'News' / General


Deutsche Welle -Magazines 'online'

Read many German magazines 'online'.

 German TV

Daily/monthly cable tv program schedules

All from the world of sports

Hottest sports news from around the world.

German Wine - For those who love and treasure it!

A 'Must' for Wine Lovers & Connoisseurs

Data Base with over 4.400 Wines

Order Online!!!!

The best 'Erap' (Estrada) jokes


When was the last time you killed yourself laughing while bursting into tears? Here is your genuine chance!

Golf in the Philippines

Learn more about Golf and Golf Clubs in the Philippines

Miss Philippines 2000

Meet Miss Philippines 2000


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Update May 02, 2000

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