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Philippinische Mischehen / Interracial Filipino marriages

Mymy / Posted - 21 October 2000 2:36

what do you guys think about this?

Eugene / Posted - 21 October 2000 3:37

If relationship is based on love, respect, mutual understanding, fairness, determination & dedication for each other, and maturity I find no reason, racial picture is an issue here. Ika nga sa pagkaalam natin, "It's only with the heart that one can see clearly, what's essential is invisible to the eyes." Fair enough? Pero kung interracial ng aso't pusa, kalabao at bakulao, ibang usapan na yan. Kelan ang huling bisita mo sa Manila zoo?

Ellen / Posted - 22 October 2000 3:50

Well said Eugene!

Eugene / Posted - 22 October 2000 10:25

Maraming salamat Ellen. Pero, paano na lang ang aso't pusa, ang kalabao at bakulao? Sinong sasang-ayon sa kanilang pag-iisa? Racial na ba ito? "Aay butiki!" "Ay palaka!" Ayan nadagdagan pa tuloy!

naed / Posted - 24 October 2000 0:30

there will be problems w/out a doubt.but i do believe that if the communication lines are open, things can be ironed out.

pukyu / Posted - 24 October 2000 8:17

Interracial relationships c. Why?? What about it?? Well.. personallyc I don´t see any problems with these, c that is on the lovers point of view.. cause I believe that love transcends different planes of incompatibilities, be it age, religion, sociological status and even race for that matter the main fundamentals of love is trust, understanding, honesty, care, and most of all patience without these then what the hell is love made of (excuse for the term), but then again, the only problems that I see with interracial relationships are those of (again not all but some) chinese origins.. there are still some chinese families that practice what we call arrange marriage or the sorts of if you are not a chinese then theres no way that you can have a relationship with my son/daughter, something like that, again this is not in general I just know some case.

chester / Posted - 25 October 2000 2:18

Well I did not know that in the Rp that was a big deal because I am a black man, who will be marrying a filpino woman (who I do not deserve) but in the USA, people look at the race card as far as realationship because so much has happen in the past between our races but to be honest the only real color people care about in the usa is green, you can love someone with all your heart but if you do not have the money to take care of them and I really mean take of them, you can forget it, but I am talking about the USA. The woman I am marrying tells me many so many times about not spending so much money, and she is so concerned about my well being and she knows that I would rather she have things than I but she knows I love her and will do anything for her.

VICTORIA SECRET / Posted - 27 October 2000 2:59

I dont see a problem a with interacial relationship, just as long as they love and understand one another...I know it dont really matter what color skin they are but honestly people do look and wonder... I've never been out with filipino guys before so the first filipino guy I met I married..and oh boy, I had to learn a lot... base on my experience when a white guy and a asian girl walk down the street, someone always look and happened to many times..but like I say, it dont matter what people say just as long as you have each other...and also, you have to get on with both side of the family..I guess, I'm lucky I never had a problem and my Mom was ok with it...

chester / Posted - 28 October 2000 3:0

Victoria, thank you

fairy / Posted - 17 December 2000 17:20

I thinks there's a lot of adjustment from both parties. Cultures, traditions and specially the language.. but i guess it's okey as long as you can handle it.

chester / Posted - 18 December 2000 23:36

I think one thing to remember is never to forget who you are and what your culture is, I love my filipino flower and she loves the country from which she was born in, I pray that our children know and respect the places and races their parents come from, Like let's talk about tiger woods, he is both black and asian but you never hear much about his asian ties only his mother.

yellow / Posted - 31 December 2000 14:37

I'm one who can relate to this topic because i'm an american-born filipino who just got engaged to a french citizen. it's been an educational experience learning about each other's culture and yeah, we have gotten certain comments about "sticking to our own race" but what it comes down to is what we feel for each other. all the other superficial stuff that comes with being who we are don't matter anymore. if you love each other, you see far beyond the color lines.

arnulfo / Posted - 8 January 2001 16:49

Wow I'm talkless, hehehehe ang daming matatalino dito! anyway, I think interracial relationship will only work if and only if both individual understands each other, of course i'm am talking about language. Can an American understand a chinese that can't speak english, will a japanese and a belgian understand each other without a common language, I don't think so. The most important thing about realtionships is communication. what is communication by the way? communication is comprised of a speaker a receiver and a medium. the first two you know already the third is the langauge or the way you will communicate. Even same race realtionship fails because of lack of communication. tama ba si me?Ang gulo kong mag explain ano ba yan.

chester / Posted - 14 January 2001 6:31

I completley agree with that one because communication is very important,because sometimes you want to express yourself more to a person in your their language than your own,I can say I love you in Tagalog but there is so much more that I want to say to express myself to my future wife. So I will learn as much as I can about her,her family,her culture, and even her country to better understand the the things around her.

Knight / Posted - 18 January 2001 2:25

Well, I used to be married to an American black woman for 10 years.We never had no problems at all in regards to racial stuff. What matter is..if you both love each other...Respect comes automatically and you will learn how to be open minded with one another.The only reason that we both had a divorce was because of me.I was busy running around having fun in the Army and I cannot blame her at all.Bottom line, interracial relationship is not an issue anymore...the issue is are you matured enough to be with one another?

chester / Posted - 21 January 2001 2:43

Well said!!

Jim / Posted - 21 February 2001 15:5

The problem is the society, this is an issue that has been going on for decades and some people cannot accept Interracial marriage. Well we are all human beings who is capable of falling in love and need of affection to an opposite gender.if someone will look and stare that means you're unique and God created us to be unique...thank you

babeebelle / Posted - 21 February 2001 17:17

I can relate to this topic very well. There's nothing wrong with interracial relationship as long as there's an open communication, lots of love and understanding. I am born and raised in the Philippines. I came to America in 1990. I met my highschool sweetheart in 1996 and we got married in 1999. He's born and raised here in the United States (his full spanish blood though). The thing that I and my family admire the most is his values. Although born and raised here in the US, he grew up with good morals and respect of God and other people. He was raised just like how I was raised. We dated for 3 years and then got married. We are now expecting a little baby boy. Relationships work only if both parties agree to compromise. It's not about the race or anything else. My sister is with a filipino guy and they're happy with each other. Until now though, we still get a lot of stares in public because we obviously don't look like we're in the same race. But we don't care, we just laugh at how ignorant people are. We love each other and that's all it matters.

diyana / Posted - 22 February 2001 2:51

Interracial issue is not really a problem in a relationship. I am a filipino and married to a malaysian guy. We are totally different in everything: religion, customs and traditions, language, kind of food that we eat, etc. etc... At first I thought that our relationship is not gonna work out. I wanted to end it, but then I realize that what matters most is the feelings that u have for each other. All u need to do is to give and take. My friend told me that I am lucky because I have a chance to learn the traditions, customs , etc. of the other country. I have a family in the Philippines and in Malaysia. Isn't it great?

john / Posted - 22 February 2001 10:47

Most of the opinions I have read so far in this forum anyway is quite focused on the assumption that the partners are "interracialy" that respect, when most say it shouldn't be a problem and that communication is the key to it then one couldn't agree more...but the reality of which is there are people around the couple i.e. family, friends and relatives which is really the bummer in every interracial if one is partially in it i.e. not yet married think about it coz if you're in a country that deals with separation or annulment or divorce like news then it wont be easy to get out of it, think about it...after all marriage i do believe is a harmonious relationship and not that of compromises...

Fee / Posted - 22 February 2001 14:10 has no color, look at me, I have a son he's half black-canadian and filipino and he is the most beautiful baby you could ever have. I think nobody should go by the color of their skin, you should go by the person's personality. I tell you one thing, most black men I know has a good heart like any other color, and i'm not just talking about blacks, i'm talking about any other races. They said that in the future everybody will be mix with any other color and hopefully by then there will be no more racism.

Z / Posted - 22 February 2001 21:1

Love never looks at the "color" or race of an individual, it looks at the heart. If it looks at the color well then it was never love form the beginning. I do believe the vow says "for richer or for poorer, through sickness and in health, through thick and thin, 'til death do us part". Never does it ever address if you are not Filipino, African, American, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, etc. etc. then this marriage is not granted. It olny addresses the inner part of us, not the outer. So my stance on interracial marriage or relationship? I am all for it. <Eugene>(Kung ito nga ang totoong Eugene, I don't know to me it doesn't sound like the Ginoong Eugene I know but if it is My sincere apology.)About the aso at pusa well hindi yan interracial, ang interracial sa animal kingdom ay ang "cross breeding" kung baga eh, Siamese cat sa Persian cat. Doverman sa Bulldog. Yan ang tinatawag "mut" dahil hindi puro at ang "puro" ay tinatawag na "pedigree."Si Z lang po

Hannah / Posted - 23 February 2001 3:32

I'm a white american woman and I'm in a committed relationship with a filipino, who really must be the best person on earth. I've grown up in a very accepting community and my sister and my best friend are both in international relationships. I have noticed, however, that reactions to my relationship with my mate are based not upon race but upon social class and perceived differences. For instance, I am the graduate of a prestigious American college and I have a high-ranking executive job with a well-known organization. My mate is a bartender on a cruise ship. People seem to have little issue with our racial difference but a lot of issues with the discrepancies in our socioeconomic backgrounds. Fortunately, my mate and I are determined to stay together and to overcome any and all obstacles thrown upon us by poverty and prejudice. It seems that you all would agree. I think that the success of interracial/intercultural relationships rests not on the denial of difference but on the celebration of it. Both my mate and I work hard to learn about each other's cultures and backgrounds as well as about our individual and personal differences. I am enraptured by the complexities of the transgressive cultural identities he has formed and I hope to share in them long into the future.

ferdie / Posted - 23 February 2001 4:22

hannah,correct ka dyan!you choose the right partner.for me filipino guy is the best lover living on this earth not because i am a filipino but as i compare to other nationality .we always concern what our partner needs and we can give to satisfy them.anyway,do you have a sister...ooops,joke only. I mean my point of view regarding of interracial relationship is really a big deal for both party,you have to consider many things your family,friends,culture and most of they say "communication".so,for me it still a big advantage if you both in the same nationality.

john / Posted - 23 February 2001 12:31

"I think that the success of interracial/intercultural relationships rests not on the denial of difference but on the celebration of it. Both my mate and I work hard to learn about each other's cultures and backgrounds as well as about our individual and personal differences." THIS CAN ONLY COME FROM SOMEONE WHO'S LEARNED IT...VERY WELL SAID HANNAH

Lady01 /Posted - 23 February 2001 13:17


Lady01 / Posted - 23 February 2001 13:17


Lady01 / Posted - 23 February 2001 13:37

<<pukyu>>ooops sorry bles naman computer na to! anyways, you just hit a softt spot when you mentioned abt. chinese arranged marriages becoz it does still happen in this day and century. This is just a personal experience no offense meant to the red race. My college bf was pure chinese & he lied to me in the begining when he said there will be no problems with his family becoz they have changed their views..but that relationship took me to a roler coaster ride to hell with the kind of treatment that I got from his family. It was funny becoz they were belittling me when in reality my family is better off than theirs. I had to share my allowance with my bf during our graduating year. Man, it took me 5 yrs (he won't let go..) I'm just glad I had the courage to get out of that mess! My officemate has a child out of wed lock with her chinese bf bocoz even when he got her pregnant..he chose to marry the girl he was fixed with. Apprently he has no balls to get on his own feet. Until now he lives with his dad minding their family business. The lesson of the story is: for chinese guys who can't get out of this tradition..please stick to your race & save your those who made are exceptional, i salute your bravehearts!

Hysteric Blue / Posted - 23 February 2001 17:54

I don't see any problem on interracial relationships as long as the two of you have mutual understanding on each culture and values. I had a french canadian BF, and there was no problem about our values. I think you just have to have this great love, determination and understanding to survive in an interracial relationships.


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