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Modern Java
U ltimate Button BarTM Documentation
Version 2.0

The Ultimate Button Bar is a powerful button creation applet for web professionals who demand the best for their sites.

You'll find plenty of documentation below, but to get an idea of what's possible, you might want to first take a look at some of the applet examples.

IMPORTANT: This version of the Ultimate Button Bar requires a browser that supports Java 1.1 or greater, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 4, Netscape Navigator 4 (only versions with Java AWT 1.1 support), and Sun HotJava. See the Supporting Java 1.0 documentation for information regarding how to support browsers with older versions of Java.
G etting Started

The Getting Started topics explain the fundamental concepts of the Ultimate Button Bar and describe how HTML-like tags are used to define buttons and button bars.
Getting Started -->
U ltimate Button Bar Reference

The Ultimate Button Bar Reference topics provide in-depth documentation for the applet.
Reference -->
W orking with JavaScript

The capabilities of the Ultimate Button Bar are increased dramatically if the applet is used in a browser that supports JavaScript or JScript. This documentation describes the interface between the applet and the JavaScript or JScript scripting language.
Working with JavaScript -->
J ava Log

The Ultimate Button Bar applet reports errors and warnings by writing messages to the Java log. Here's how to access the log information when creating or debugging your button bars.
The Java Log -->
O ptimizing for IE4

Internet Explorer 4 (or higher) has the capability of automatically installing the Ultimate Button Bar on a user's system so that the applet does not need to be downloaded each time that the site is visited. This documentation explains how to use the included signed CAB file to enable automatic installation of the applet by IE4.
Optimizing for IE4 -->
S upporting Java 1.0

The Ultimate Button Bar Version 2 requires a browser that supports Java 1.1. The documentation in this section explains how to provide support for a browser that has an earlier version of Java.
Supporting Java 1.0 -->
T roubleshooting

If you're having difficulties getting one of your button bar designs to work, the Troubleshooting page is the first place to look.
Troubleshooting -->
E xamples

To demonstrate the capabilities of the Ultimate Button Bar and to help you learn how the applet works, we've provide a large selection of examples for you to view and study.
Examples -->
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