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Flames v1.1

real-time graphical effect demo
click to cool down the flames
(coded by IoN CHeN)
created July 22,1997

This applet is freeware. You can use it for you web site, but cannot sell or distribute it for profit without permission.

Revised - August 5,1997

I decide to make this applet a little more useful.
Now you can set what words you want to burn up and apply a link to the applet.
You can change the width, but not the height.

How to use

<APPLET code="flame.class" width=250 height=110>
      <param name="text" value="Words+You+Want to+See+Seperated+By+Plus+Signs">
      <param name="font" value="Type of font you want to use ex. 'Helvetica'">
      <param name="link" value="URL Address">


<APPLET code="flame.class" width=250 height=110>
      <param name="text" value="6 Sense+presents+Flames+by+IoN CheN">
      <param name="font" value="Helvetica">
      <param name="link" value="">